Orderform: Pro Servers with two Intel Xeon CPUs

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2x X5650, 96 GB RAM, 4x 1TB SAS HDD€ 279.00
2x X5650, 192 GB RAM, 8x 1TB SAS HDD€ 399.00
2x E5-2670, 128 GB RAM, 8x 1TB SAS HDD€ 399.00
2x E5-2670, 256 GB RAM, 8x 1TB SAS HDD€ 449.00
2x E5-2630v4, 128 GB RAM, 8x 1TB SAS HDD€ 499.00
2x E5-2630v4, 256 GB RAM, 8x 480GB SSD€ 899.00
All prices include 19% VAT. End prices may differ depending on your local VAT rate. VAT will automatically be removed if if you're not located in the EU or provide a valid VAT ID. The initial invoice needs to be paid with Paypal. The VPS will be created automatically after that.
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€ 20.00
€ 100.00


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IPv4 Address€ 0.00
IPv4 Addresses€ 0.59
IPv4 Addresses€ 1.18
IPv4 Addresses€ 1.77
IPv4 Addresses€ 2.36
IPv4 Addresses€ 9.44
IPv4 Addresses€ 18.88
IPv4 Addresses€ 37.76
IPv4 Addresses€ 75.52


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